Dylan M.

Project Engineer

After being involved in athletics for the better portion of my youth and collegiate life, I understand the importance of having an exceptional team around you to achieve success. Similar to sports, the construction industry is equally as competitive, which makes it all that much more important to create the best possible team for each and every project. As a General Contractor, it is our job to assemble the best possible project team keeping one common goal in mind, delivering an incredible project to all of our clients. In my opinion, every project needs to be based on three key principals: 1.) An Exceptional Team 2.) Great Communication 3.) Problem Mitigation. It is my goal to develop these three key principals on every project I am on.

Favorite Tool:

My favorite tool would have to be my laptop. It would be impossible to achieve new heights in this ever-evolving industry without staying on top of the latest and greatest software that is constantly being developed specifically for this industry.

Little Known Facts:

I have a high level of interest in real estate and investment properties.
I am a sports fanatic.
I am a local craft beer aficionado.