Jake R.

Accounting Intern

Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated and enjoyed working with my father on renovation projects throughout our house. The ability to witness the transformation of a project is something that motivates me. With both of my parents in the construction industry, I grew up inspired by construction. Another passion of mine is working closely with numbers to solve problems.  For this reason, I am studying Finance and Accounting at the University of Minnesota and am currently in my second year. I am thankful for my parents many connections throughout the construction industry that lead me to Gardner Builders as an Accounting Intern. I have truly enjoyed all of the challenges and learning experiences I have overcome during my time at Gardner.

Favorite Tool:

TI 84 Plus CE Calculator

Little Known Facts:

I attended an all-male Military High School

I went on a life-changing mission trip to Guatemala in 2016

I pack my own lunches every day, despite everyone’s misbelief