Andy G.

Project Engineer

Growing up in Wisconsin, I learned how to work hard and often – starting with my first jobs splitting wood and crushing cans for my dad at 6 years old (he said I could have all the money for turning in aluminum cans if I crushed them – so he helped me build a can crusher). Since then I’ve worked in a vast array of jobs including coaching high school football, inside computer software sales, university student affairs, chaplaincy, woodworking, substance abuse addiction counseling, auto technician and what seems like everything in between. I love learning new things as often as I can and the construction field is always providing challenges and asking for solutions to problems. I also love learning about people and all my jobs have offered (too) many opportunities to learn about people (both good and bad) and I welcome whenever I can help others be their best selves.
I am married to the best person in the world, Sara. We love going on road trips (we’ve done Pacific coast Canada to S.F., New England and Northeast, other smaller trips and I’ve done Route 66 with a buddy), live concerts, being outdoors, watching stupid comedy movies, and mostly being together. You’ll also find me listening to music whenever possible, working on new and creative woodworking projects or visiting friends scattered across the U.S.

Favorite Tool:

Authenticity and Tape Measure – try a project without one

Little Known Facts:

At 17 I became a Wisconsin State Champion Trapshooter
I haven’t met a bourbon I didn’t like – False – I’m a snob
One goal is to own a 1970 Chevelle SS w/396 or above