Andy Z.


I started my career as a carpenter straight out of high school, working my way to superintendent over the years. I strive to live a life where the word “can’t” is not in my vocabulary. I have a passion for leadership and teamwork, and there is nothing better than a job that is working in harmony. Having this spirit allows for a team to overcome any difficulties that come our way. 

Away from work, I enjoy traveling around the globe to non-tourist areas– off the beaten path you might say. Boating is another great pastime of mine as I am infatuated with the Florida coast, and I enjoy traveling there often with my significant other, Sue.

Favorite Tool

Setting torch and welder. With those, you can make anything fit.

Little Known Facts

I once remodeled a morgue. 

I have driven a NASCAR.

I stood on top of the Wisconsin State Capitol.