Erick R.

Project Management Intern 

I am currently enrolled at North Dakota State University where I am working towards my BA in Construction Management to graduate in 2023. I joined the GB team this summer to learn about project management firsthand and gain some experience in the industry. So far, my favorite aspect of construction is all the people I get to meet and the trade partners I get to work with. Outside of school and work, I enjoy camping, hiking, and canoeing/kayaking trips. I’m a big fan of getting into the wilderness and going on adventures.

Favorite Tool: 

A tape measure.

Little Known Facts:

I’ve paddled on the Wisconsin River 4 times, been to the Boundary Waters 3 times, and hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail 3 times.

I’m a member of the National Guard.

My dad is a small, local farmer & my mom biochemist.