Michelle B.

Project Manager

My interest in construction started at a young age when I was intrigued by the floor plans printed in the Sunday paper. I’d cut them out and envision what the house would look like in person, sparking my interest in architecture and interior design. I’ve always been driven by providing excellent customer service, so when I joined the Gardner team in 2020, I knew I’d fit in with the values we uphold here. I consider myself a lifelong learner– continually searching for new opportunities to listen and learn to improve my work. I place emphasis on establishing strong relationships with our clients and partners so that we can provide the best service possible.

Outside of work, I enjoy traveling, both locally and internationally, I’m a cat-mom of two, and I’ve recently become an avid cook, trying out new recipes and meal prepping. 

Favorite Tool:

Cell phone

Little Known Facts:

I have a group of friends that has gathered for Dinner of the Month for >15 years.
I have another group of friends that travel together each year to a location with the next letter in the alphabet.  We’re currently on letter ‘S’.
My first degree is a 2-year Mechanical Drafting degree.