Terry M.


I have 40 years of construction experience as a carpenter, foreman carpenter and superintendent. I’ve supervised regional parks, office complexes, retail stores, medical facilities, libraries, and schools. The coolest thing is that even after 40 years, I still get excited with each new challenge and project – I still learn things every day.

As a superintendent, I represent Gardner Builders on a daily basis with owners, architects, and subcontractors. Therefore, I’m always striving to make sure job sites reflect a professional construction experience. First and foremost – cleanliness, safety and open communication with subcontractors. After that, I welcome and encourage some fun on the jobsite; subs will go the extra mile to complete a job well and on time if they enjoy their work environment. At the end of each project, my goal is zero injuries and a zero punch list. When that happens, it reflects the pride all parties had in doing their jobs.

Favorite Tool:

My mitre box; I can fit a fine piece of wood, nice and tight and clean.

Little Known Facts:

I played professional hockey for a few years after high school and loved being a hockey coach to my daughter’s youth hockey teams. Mornings are my favorite time of day.