Jeff C.

General Superintendent

The position of General Superintendent is one that I am truly passionate about. My career goal is to field the best staff that the Twin City construction market has ever witnessed. Helping people exceed their own expectations is what keeps me going everyday. To accomplish this, I find creative ways to challenge not only myself, but our team. We work on leadership and the innate ability to self correct, allowing our team members to reach their full potential as a leader. I also encourage our Superintendents to visit other projects, creating a supportive environment to learn from one another, which is what defines a team. Experience has taught me that a true team learns from each other.

Drawing from 25 years of personal experience in the construction industry, I challenge each and every person to push the limits of their skills and mind. Beyond regular site visits, I meet with each of our Superintendents on a weekly basis for a personal “One On One.” These involve technology training, safety planning, or personal time management to name a few topics. We also work on understanding the needs and vision of each client. Understanding that each project and client are one of a kind allows us to provide a truly “couture” construction experience.

With constant and consistent communication, I work with our staff to look for innovative ways to solve conflicts, quality assurance, and site logistics. We use pull planning to run our jobs proactively, efficiently, and effectively. Bringing our partners in at the most opportune moment allows them to work in optimal conditions, which ensures superior performance. I work hard to ensure that we have the best technology, training, and equipment, enabling our staff to deliver stunning projects time after time.

Favorite Part of My Job:

Mentoring our field staff to exceed their own expectations.