In the commercial construction industry, it is standard for general contractors to refer to the trade workers in the field as “subcontractors.” Engineers and Architects are also labeled in reference to their discipline throughout the industry. Over time, this standard has created an implied hierarchy. At Gardner Builders, we believe that everyone contributing to a project should be treated with a sense of equality, so we utilize the terms trade and design partners to match the relationships we foster with these teams. Our partners are truly an integral part of our projects. Our work would not be complete without the creative vision, hard work, and commitment to quality that our partners exhibit. Our trade and design partners are individuals that share a common goal with us – to do the best work possible. We would not be successful for our clients without them, which is why we feel it is essential to foster positive partnerships that make everyone feel valued.

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billy is our insurance and compliance tracking software partner that we take great pride in working with. Their amazing team assisted us with building out this pre-qualification data submission form to help ensure an efficient and effective set up process. Your information is secure and it will filter to a specific Gardner Builder’s team member who will connect with you as we proceed with your application. Thank you for your interest in working with us!