Leah P.

Project Accountant

Joining Gardner Builders in October of 2018 was my entry into the construction industry. I was drawn to Gardner for the environment; working in a place where us team members trust the company to take care of us, and vice versa, is both comforting and rewarding. As a project accountant, I get to do a lot of problem solving. I love how each invoice is like a piece of a puzzle that I get to solve. Figuring out how to assess something from a different perspective keeps my job interesting and exciting. I appreciate our way of hospitality here at Gardner, and I feel accomplished when I help a client find a solution to their problem. 

In my spare time, I’m a multimedia artist where I work with acrylic, resin, and alcohol ink to create visual and special effects. My family and I are into playing board games and video games together, and when Halloween comes around, we are known to have big yard hunt for friends and neighbors.

Favorite Tool

Adjustable wrench

Little Known Facts

I work a the Renaissance Festival every year

I’m a huge nerd

I make amazing chocolate truffles