Abigail H.

Project Manager

One of my favorite parts of being a construction project manager is the journey you get to go on with your clients. Every project is an opportunity to take a crash-course in someone else’s business or market. But on a personal level, construction is at its essence disruptive and change is not easy. It is my job to ensure that each project is not stressful, but an exciting step to the next new adventure as a company or as a person.

I am passionate about providing a positive and fun experience for my clients. If attending a project meeting or site walk-through is not fun or something you look forward to, then I am not doing my job well enough.

Favorite Tool:

Bluebeam. (Ask me about the local Bluebeam User Group, MinneBUG. I founded it!)

Little Known Facts.

I am a community theater actress.
Don’t ask me about my corgi (Murphy) unless you are prepared to see lots of photos.
I grew up on a farm in WI raising chickens.