Angel M.

Carpenter Apprentice

I am a recent graduate from the Milwaukee Area Technical College where I enjoyed gaining hands-on experience on the job site and in a classroom setting.  I hope one day to remodel my family’s home as I continue to develop my career in carpentry.  I always feel accomplished with my work after completing tasks that required thoughtful problem-solving and teamwork. Outside of work, I enjoy watching soccer, drawing, and spending time with my family, friends, and cats.

Favorite Tool:

I’d say a pencil. I believe I used a pencil the most throughout my life in school. I always doodled when I could and a pencil allowed me to do draw and be creative.

Little Known Facts:

My favorite soccer team is Manchester City, I have been supporting them since 2012.

I am artistic, I like to draw abstract art when I have time.

I like cats.