Bob F.


I joined the Gardner Builders team in 2022, expanding on my 39 years of experience in this industry. My favorite aspect of this line of work is the people– meeting new people and building relationships is so rewarding and I’m happy to be a part of a team that sees the value in that. Each day, I aim to bring my knowledge and experience to the table in order to support our team and our clients. Coming together with all types of people with different backgrounds and skillsets to create something tangible together is exciting. Outside of work, the Princess (my wife) and I spend a lot of time at our cabin in the Iron Range, and one of my favorite past times in the winter is snowmobiling.

Little Known Facts:

Team building

Favorite Tool:

I’m a recovering alcoholic for the past 31 years– something I’m very proud of!

I’ve been married and in love with the Princess for 35 years (also very proud of that!)

I love to read the Constitution, Federalist Papers, Declaration of Independence, and our Bill of Rights.