Bob G.


I enjoy so many things about the construction industry, but I especially enjoy uncovering, understanding, and eliminating the sources of concern for our clients. I started Gardner Builders with a single mission – to create a construction business that defies industry norms by focusing on relationships. To this day, connection and hospitality remain my priorities.

Having worked in both the field (as a laborer, carpenter, superintendent, and machinist) and the office gives me a unique perspective and an attention to detail in all areas of a project.

Favorite Tool:

A sense of humor

Little Known Facts:

The first Gardner Builders office was located in the closet of a psychiatrist’s office in the Rand Tower (we had two employees). I’m a huge believer in supporting everything local, from beer and restaurants to art and music. I’ve spent three life-changing weeks at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, MN volunteering with my kids’ school.