Bryant K.


As the youngest of three boys growing up on a hobby farm just west of the cities, I learned early how to push the limit of three articles of clothing I was allowed to get dirty before my mom made us stay inside. I have always had a love for the outdoors, namely hunting and fishing, snowboarding in the winters and golfing through the summer.

On the farm, my dad instilled in us the value of working with our hands. If it was possible to fix something ourselves, we did – from cars and trucks to tractors and even airplanes. My favorite pastime has never really remained in the past, however, as we continue to buy salvage title cars and proudly fix them up.

Similarly, I am drawn to construction because I enjoy being a part of the transformation of a building or space from the beginning and seeing it through to the end.

Favorite Tool:

Zip ties – with enough zip ties you can solve almost any problem

Little Known Facts

The car I drive was one that I fixed myself

I have a 1981 Honda CB750 that I drove to college for free parking

I plan to get two goats this summer to replace my lawn mower