Chad H.

Carpenter Apprentice 

I joined the Gardner team in 2022 to continue to build my experience in the construction industry. I’ve had various career paths but have always been drawn back to the world of construction. Watching how projects come together, the hands-on participation, and cultivating lasting relationship makes our line of work special. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our two dogs. We like to hike, bike, and cross country ski around Duluth and the North Shore. When we’re not out adventuring, I can be found tinkering with my dirt bike and mountain bike.

Favorite Tool: 

The ability to share knowledge.

Little Known Facts:

I narrowly escaped the career of a tree-climbing arborist in Northern California by moving back to the midwest.

I enjoy a wide variety of music but my favorite is old time.

Playing music is my favorite way to relax. I even play the banjo and fiddle.