Chris H.

Project Coordinator

I joined the Gardner Builders team in 2022 to expand on my previous experience in the construction industry. My brother and I grew up making tree forts so I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the building process. To this day, I love the idea of bringing creative ideas and plans to life. My favorite aspect of construction is the people I get to work with throughout the span of a project. Coming together to complete a project and then seeing the space fulfilling its purpose is both rewarding and motivating for future jobs.

In my free time, I enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities– hiking, biking, running, skiing/snowboarding, playing sports, and taking my dogs to the park. I also love to travel and have built up quite a collection of stories.

Favorite Tool 

Hockey stick. I love to play and watch– go Wild!

Little Known Facts

I backpacked around Europe for a few months in college. 

I’ve been on a safari in South Africa.

In college, I hitchhiked home from NDSU in Fargo. The first car was construction engineers and the second car was a priest and two nuns.