Corey B.


I have worked in the construction industry for 25 years. As the industry has evolved over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to discover a passion for working with different materials. I’ve had the pleasure of working in the luxury home building sector for many years, where my creativity and attention to detail were utilized daily. In 2008, I shifted into the commercial construction industry. One of my strengths as a construction professional is problem-solving. I love to work closely with the architects and designers to find creative solutions to complex problems that may arise on a project. Working in the commercial sector has been very rewarding for me; getting to see how the design and use of new materials have evolved over the years is fascinating. My goal is to create a space that tenants will be proud to walk into each and every day. My focus at Gardner is downtown office tower projects and I have worked on everything from TI buildouts to rooftop amenity spaces. 

I am a native Minnesotan and live with my wife and 2 children in Prior Lake. We enjoy time at our family cabin and traveling and anything outdoors. When I’m not working, you can find me outside enjoying activities like skiing and boating.

Favorite Tool

Screwdriver, it’s so versatile! It can be a hammer, pry bar, and even a key.

Little Known Facts

I love to travel with my wife and kids 

I enjoy hunting and being outdoors 

I am a member of the National Ski Patrol