Dave H.

Estimating Lead/Partner

I take pride in doing every part of my job well, but my passion lies in the numbers. From early budgeting to final costs, if the numbers don’t make sense, I don’t sleep much. If an early budget is off, the project and finish expectations may be compromised; if final costs are off, the construction experience becomes a negative one. I want to get the numbers right because I value trust and excellence.

My colleagues often refer to me as the perfect utility infielder – put me anywhere on the field, and nothing gets by me. I think I’m more a jack-of-all-trades; after 20 years in the construction business working as a carpenter, superintendent, and project manager, I have direct experience with every trade on the project. I love the variety and challenge that each project offers and am always looking forward to the next one.

Favorite Tool:

The Doohickey (it’s one of those million-in-one contraptions)

Little Known Facts:

I love a sense of humor in the workplace, and I think my workmates appreciate my one-liners just as much as I do. I enjoy spending time with my family, drinking a good beer, and volunteering at church.