Doug C.

Service Technician

Collectively, I have spent almost twenty years of my life creating things with my hands. I have a fairly diverse background, which includes landscaping and excavation, residential remodeling, multi-use building framing and finishing, and high-end commercial builds. My one connection with all of those is taking great pride in producing a quality result and having fun while doing it. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment one gets when they produce quality work on a consistent basis. Working with the talented team at Gardner builders gives me the opportunity to witness the fruits of my labor, and see how my hard work impacts so many people.

My wife and I live in Cottage Grove with our four children. In the summer you’ll find me at one of my boy’s baseball games – probably running after my baby girls. In my free time (ironically) I enjoy running. On Saturday mornings you’ll find me running the trails of Afton state park with friends.

Favorite Tool:

A sense of humor

Little Known Facts:

Huge electronic music fan