Eric K.

Service Supervisor

I have worked in the construction industry for about 17 years before joining the Gardner Builders Team in 2018. I always knew working in construction would be right for me as I have always loved working with my hands and building something out of nothing.  I enjoy how there is never a dull moment in my job – it’s so fast-paced and keeps me on my toes every day.  The best part about my job is seeing a project through to the end and seeing the satisfaction on the client’s face.  I am a born and raised Minnesotan, living in Lester Prairie and Annandale throughout my life. Outside of work, you can find me camping, fishing and going on ATV trips.

Favorite Tool:

My mind and hands.  You have to keep the mind thinking to keep the hands moving.

Little Known Facts:

My favorite place to be is at our cabin near Embarrass MN. It’s known as “The Cold Spot”. I have experienced -40 actual air temp!

Last year for our family summer vacation we decided last minute to rent a houseboat for 5 days. It was quite an experience to do when you’ve never done something like that.

I enjoy watching the Vikings with my family.