Jesse M.

Carpenter Foreman

I am passionate about construction. There is a long history of tradesmen and deeply creative people in my family.  When I started getting into carpentry I felt I had found my creative outlet.  I have worked in many different facets of construction and there is always something new to learn.  Gardner Builders has many good people with loads of experience and I’m proud to be a member of the team.

Favorite Tool:

I have an older leather grip Estwing hammer that I’ve used for about 10 years.  It looks much older than it is, so I get a lot of comments about it.  Most of the time it’s something to the effect of, “that must be your grandpa’s hammer!”

Little Known Facts:

My wife Jamie and I have 5 children.  Jamie is an Artist/Muralist and I’m a Carpenter, so we are always busy with projects around the house or at one of the kids’ events.

I come from a very musical family, so good tunes are pretty much always on at home.

I really enjoy having the garage door open, cranking tunes, and tinkering on a project…in my free time(!)