Marshal R.

Skilled Laborer

I joined the Gardner team with a diverse background in construction over my 10 years working in the industry.  My career has ranged from climbing cell towers to commercial demolition to working as a derrickman on an oil rig. My favorite parts of my job include watching the sites transform from the first day to the finished product to complete the client’s vision. Outside of work, I enjoy hunting with my dog in the fall and going to the lake with my family in the wintertime.  I am also very passionate about making delicious meals for my friends and family.

Favorite Tool:

I would say my favorite tool is my flat bar/ wonder bar. They can be used in a pinch as a hammer or a door stop. They ever make different wines for almost every occasion. Currently, I think I have 4 different ones!

Little Known Facts:

I love to spend time in the BWCA and go there almost every year. I can’t wait to bring my kids.

I’ve gone sky diving 4 times and once from 18000 feet where we had to wear oxygen masks on the flight up.

I’ve gone dog sledding in the arctic circle in Norway.