Mitch M.

Project Manager

Born and raised in North Dakota, I received my construction management degree from NDSU before moving to the Twin Cities to work for a commercial contractor. I later started and ran my own residential subcontractor company for ten years. Now I’m back in construction management at Gardner Builders and loving the interaction with a wide range of people that keep my work upbeat and lively. I strive to be a positive example to everyone I interact with on a daily basis, including my co-workers (teammates), architects and engineers (also teammates), and owners and clients (more great teammates).

Favorite Tool:

A pry bar (nail puller); it’s such a simple piece of steel, but it can accomplish so much – it’s an underrated piece of equipment.

Little Known Facts:

I’m in a bowling league, and I have my own 14lb bowling ball and bowling shoes. I have a great loon call. I love rollercoasters and have no fear of heights.