Nate K.

Senior Project Manager

I have 19 years of combined construction experience, and I joined the Gardner team in 2022 as a Project Manager. My favorite aspect of our line of work is the people I meet. I enjoy developing relationships and promoting an environment where all feel motivated to learn and grow. It’s exciting to have a career where you can produce something tangible that you, and others, can experience with all your senses. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time with my family- we’re a blended family of 7! My passions include traveling, hunting, finishing, and snowboarding. We also have two dogs that get us outside even on the coldest days.

Favorite Tool

8′-6″ Heavy Action Musky Fishing Rod. And my passport.

3 Little Known Facts about me

I’m a Packer Fan– sorry to some, but I went to school in Wisconsin so Sundays were pretty lonely if you weren’t.

I caught a great blue heron (the very large bird) by mistake while bass fishing once. It was a bad deal managing that in the boat.

My favorite travel destination is Central America. I’ve visited Guatemala and Costa Rice on multiple occasions. Panama is hopefully next!