Nate K.

Milwaukee Lead

My passion for construction began as a kid building legos and carried on through college as a Wisconsin Badger, studying civil engineering and heavily involved with ASCE. I’ve always enjoyed the variety that construction offers – each day is a different from the last. For the past 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to work in project management and operations, discovering first hand the diversity of talent that goes into a successful project. I strongly believe that people are always a project’s biggest asset, and enjoy working alongside my team through consistent and effective processes to deliver an exceptional result for our clients.I am excited for what the future holds at Gardner Builders and am excited to be a part of setting the platinum standard in this industry.

When I’m not working, you can find me renovating homes, golfing, coaching youth activities and immersing myself in experiences with my family, our church and my community.

Favorite Tool

Eyes & Ears – Eyes to see the good in others.  Ears to listen & understand people. Both are critical to observe jobsites to strategize & find solutions.

Little Known Facts

Once flew as a guest on the McDonalds corporate jet in San Diego, CA

I still enjoy building with legos – keeps me young at heart by stimulating creativity with our 3 kids

I proposed to my wife by building a beach with candles in my house – we met playing volleyball on a beach!