Paul W.


I have been in the construction industry for 17 years before joining the Gardner Builders team in 2022.  Some of my favorite aspects about my job include making a difference each day and helping others who may not have a knack for numbers.  I find it most rewarding when the debits equal the credits and knowing that the information I provide is used to make business decisions that reward everyone!  I was born and raised Minnesotan, growing up in Blaine and then graduating from Augsburg College. I have recently been exploring some new hobbies recently after becoming an empty nester, but I primarily enjoy golfing, spending time at the cabin, and snowmobiling in my free time.

Favorite Tool:

The abacus. Just kidding, it’s Excel – it can do so many wonderful things and I know I’m just barely touching the surface.

Little Known Facts:

I was adopted at 6 weeks at a cost of $250. I keep telling my parents they got a heck of a deal, but I’m not sure they would agree.

My wife and I have been hitting many of the National Parks with Yosemite being the favorite thus far. Next, I hope we venture down to the southern part of Utah to see how it compares.

I created my own holiday one year, so every July 1st my family celebrates “Paul Day”. It started as a joke, but who’s going to turn down gifts and celebrations if they want to keep it going!