Riley G.

Project Accountant

I joined the Gardner team in 2023 with 4 years working in the industry as a construction accountant.  I enjoy how accounting allows me to see the progress of each project while also being able to develop relationships with Project Managers.  I am organized, a problem solver, and I can bring fresh, new perspectives to the table when working on a project.  Originally from Wilmar, MN, I now live in Eagan with my wife and 1-year-old Aussiedoodle. Outside of work, I like running, playing bass guitar, supporting Minnesota sports teams, and traveling around the world with my wife.

Favorite Tool:

My favorite tool is the brain. It is amazing what humans can build and dream up.

Little Known Facts:

I have been to three of the seven continents and want to get to all seven one day.

My favorite vacation spot is San Clemente, Ca. The beach cities are always so fun and relaxing and there is this amazing coffee shop right off the pier.

I love Minnesota sports and will ride or die with every single one of them.