Sam J.

Project Manager

When I was in elementary school we were tasked with drawing a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Most kids drew fire fighters, policemen, and doctors… I drew a little red wagon. While I’ve come a long way from my childhood ambition, I find may of the things I admired about wagons are what keep me passionate working in construction – getting people where they need to be efficiently and reliably is still my goal. I might not be physically rolling anyone around the block, but I’m passionate about moving spaces into the places my clients have been dreaming about.

I’m a Minnesota native and I recently joined Gardner Builders from a Chicago-based construction firm. While the big-city skyscraper office spaces may have gotten a little smaller compared to Chicago, the Midwestern work ethic and drive I’ve found in the greater-Minneapolis area are volumes larger. Each person on my team strives to create a collaborative environment that produces results. Seeing the smiles on clients’ faces at the end of a project and knowing the job has been done to the highest standard makes me excited to come to work each day.