Tim A.


I joined the Gardner team in 2020 to continue my career as a superintendent, a role that I’ve been working to perfect almost all of my adult life. My goal on every project is to have our clients and partners walk away with a positive experience and appreciate our time working together. I have strong attention to detail and love learning new skills every day at work. At home, I also enjoy learning new things, whether it be in woodworking, snowmobiling, or reading up on a new history topic.

Favorite Tool:

Being approachable. It’s important to keep things like and to make others feel comfortable.

Little Known Facts:

I enjoy taking on new challenges- such as motorcycling, woodworking, and any odd hobbies. 

I broke my foot in high school track but continued running on it to get us to State. 

I’m a history junkie. I enjoy digging into historical specifics, especially about ancient Rome and Greece.