Mark W.


I started out at 12 years old,  working for my for my father, being a cheap laborer scraping out houses. He owned a union drywall company in the 70’s and 80’s. I found learning to do carpentry was more interesting. Although after finishing High school, I pursued a different path by going to college at night for computer science, while working for Pugh Oil company during the day as a carpenter. I soon decided I was better at carpentry then computers.  Trying to learn everything about every trade, I Jumped from a couple different construction companies crawling up the ladder. I spent almost 23 years working for one company first as a Carpenter then service guy to foreman to superintendent. I’ve had a great career with a lot of great people seeing some awesome things and building some of the finest work. I’ve worked for Homeland Security, building an armory and jail cell in the main headquarters to rebuilding studios for Channel 4 WTMJ. Some of my best opportunities was restoring 2 Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Milwaukee, WI, all with restoring an old postal suite in the federal court house. I couldn’t have done all this without the help of a great team, and team work is truly the source to completing the goal we have in every project. Looking forward to spending more time at our   Lake house in Shawano with my fiancé. New to boating last year, I hope this year will be just as fun. We were always more of a Harley couple, I guess this boating thing is fun too. I definitely love to hop on and ride!