Drew M.

Service Technician

I joined the Gardner Builders team out of Milwaukee in 2021. As a Carpenter, I enjoy overcoming daily challenges and implementing plans to turn out a successful job. Getting stumped on issues and finding their solutions is like a puzzle that I love to solve. I am motivated every day by showing my sons that hard work is rewarding and something to be proud of. The feeling of accomplishment and seeing the progression of a project is what excites me about each day on the job. 

Most of my free time is spent watching my boys play hockey. I also enjoy fishing on rivers and walks with my wife and our dogs.

Favorite Tool:

My brain. Or a sledgehammer because demo is very fun.

Little Known Facts:

I’ve traveled to every state but Hawaii. 

I was capsized by a humpback whale while halibut fishing in Kodiak, Alaska.

I make a really good Salted Honey Pie. I’m an overall good pie maker, but that one is my specialty.