Jeff L.

Project Manager

I have worked in Design and Construction industry for 25 years, within both commercial and residential markets, in the field and in the office.  I love the process of construction, the planning, the systems, the coordination, the problem solving, the collaboration. All the elements and people coming together, to create something new and exciting, is truly rewarding.

As a Project Manager, I am passionate about building quality projects, on time and on budget.  Having spent part of my career as a Project Manager within a Design Firm, and then as a Project Manager for Corporate Capital Projects, I understand the diverse priorities and agendas represented by a project team.  I strive to address the needs and concerns of all parties involved.  Collaboration is essential to success, working together in partnership, with clear and direct communication, is key to project success.

I take great pride in my work and my relationships, and the projects that result.

Favorite Tool:

My hands

Little Known Facts:

I spent -+8 years working as a blacksmith. Once a blacksmith, always a blacksmith, though!

I lived in San Francisco for 16 years.