John M.

Project Manager

I grew up in Lakeville, MN, where my family still resides. I attended college and received a degree in Law Enforcement from Alexandria Technical College. I worked as a Correctional Officer for over a decade. During this time, I picked up a part time job making, finishing and installing furniture and decided with the help of my wife, family and friends that a career in carpentry was a route that I’d be productive and happy with as the furniture business opened a new chapter in my life.

Currently, I live in Farmington with my wife, Sara, daughter, Ellalouise, son, Vincent and my little mutt, Dewy. I love snowboarding, skateboarding, listening to and playing music and the outdoors. I love bad-for-me food and spending time with my whole family. I can usually be found in the garage doing some kind of project, whether woodworking, electrical or under a hood.

Favorite Tool:

My favorite tool is my voice. By far, it is the greatest asset we have, and it holds a lot of power in how you hold yourself!

Little Known Facts:

I love dogs, I’ve grown up with them and currently have the best boy ever.

I enjoy playing, building and refinishing guitars.

I got to sing with one of my favorite bands on stage in high school, and I’ve never quite gotten over my 5 minutes as a rock star.