Rod K.


I’ve been in the construction industry for over 30 years.  I started doing residential remodeling with my Dad who taught me the right way to do things & never take the shortcut, build it as if you were the end user. I’ve been a project superintendent since 1995 and the construction industry has given me so many opportunities to be part of great teams on so many projects.  From completing 6 story building renovations that get a Gold Lead Certification to new Surgical Centers.  It’s also allowed me to meet so many people and make long lasting friendships over the years that I still have today.  I think the part of every project that I like the most is the transformation of the raw space or the re-purposing of an existing space.and being able to build it to the client, building management or architects vision.  The smile on the teams face at the end of a well done project is priceless to me and I take a lot of pride in that.

Little Known Facts:

I dislike the word “Issue”, love the word “Solution”
I used to own properties in Florida
I love Lake Superior and its many faces & moods

Favorite Tool:

My sense of humor, If I can bring a smile to the job site each & every day it sets the tone or the mood of the project for that day. As it does in day to day life.