Mike B.

Senior Project Manager

After 16 years of construction experience within the Twin Cities, I am excited to have found a home with the Gardner team that affords the opportunity to build great projects with great people. I cut my teeth on museum-quality design and interior renovation projects throughout the Twin Cities and Duluth markets, and quickly found that my passion is for solving the most complex constructibility and budget problems together with people who are passionate about what they do. I enjoy the pre-construction planning and phasing of each unique project; my pursuit of well-timed construction sequence, and checking off milestones on projects brings me a strange type of joy.

I enjoy understanding a client’s product and business model and I look to provide constructibility input on the long-range strategic facility goals of my customers. Anyone can complete a construction project, but successful construction projects are not measured by just crossing the finish line.  Success depends on good people empathizing with each other, great planning, honesty, and some laughs.