Rick H.


Before starting my career in construction, I originally earned my bachelor’s degree in mathematics and my teaching certificate for 9th-12th grade in Michigan.  I then moved to Minnesota in 2001 where I joined the Carpenter’s Union.  I have now been in the industry for 8 years with experience in both residential and commercial framing. My favorite parts of my job include forming positive relationships with my team and being able to incorporate my own personality into my work. Outside of work, I can be found riding my motorcycle, designing and making steal glass windows, and relaxing with my family.

Favorite Tool:

My favorite tool is any tool that does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t hurt me in the process.

Little Known Facts:

My secret ambition is to patent an invention.

My favorite participatory sport is racquetball.

My father-in-law and I share the same birthday: I was born in 72 and he was born in 35. The year I turned 35 he turned 72.