Tom K.

Business Developer & Strategist

I have spent my career in marketing and sales doing what I enjoy most– building relationships. I joined Gardner Builders in 2021 as a business development strategist, allowing me to work closely with many others on our team while building connections with clients and partners. Getting to know people, learning what is important to them, and maybe discovering a few things we have in common is my favorite aspect of what I do. Relationships give us purpose, keep us grounded, and enrich our lives. I’m a Minnesota native, growing up in Minneapolis and the neighboring Northwest suburbs, and I love all they have to offer in terms of people to meet and businesses to collaborate with. 

Apart from work, staying active is a priority for me. I enjoy running, long bike rides, golf, volleyball, skiing, skating… just about anything that gets me outside! 

Little Known Facts

I have a lifelong fascination with both the weather and the moon.

I used to play bass guitar in a garage band.

I raced on a NASTAR ski team for 15 years. 

Favorite Tool

Honesty… the truth will set you free.