Josh B.


I consider myself fortunate to have started in the construction industry as a carpenter because it enabled me to learn the value of precision and the importance of quality. Over the years, I have applied this work ethic in my various roles, and take great pride in delivering exceptional service to my clients. I’m also very proud to have found a team at Gardner Builders that has embodies high values as well.

Communication in the construction industry is one of the most crucial parts of a construction project and it is a must-have trait for a successful superintendent. Completing a daily log with photos and updating a three-week rolling schedule weekly is something that I take very seriously, as they are great tools not only for trades but for the clients and designers as well, enabling everyone to stay connected regardless of their location. It is very important to me that the end user of the space, the designers, and construction team are happy with the end product and the experience that they had with the construction project.  It is my goal to have everyone involved have fun during the construction project and enjoy the process and procedures. Seeing an end product with top-notch finishes and the way everything flows together in tenant improvement projects is what I enjoy the most.

Little Known Facts:

I have 3 loving girls who can make a tough day disappear with hugs for dad. My favorite hobby is riding snowmobiles in the mountains and I also enjoy deer hunting.