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What is Gardner Builders?

Gardner Builders is a hospitality company in the commercial construction business.  We’re a general contractor focused on delivering projects – both simple and complex – in a way that gives you complete confidence and has you rest assured that you are in excellent hands.

We help our clients be the best at who they want to be.  A space is designed to meet several factors – business need, efficiency, and aesthetic while also reflecting personality.  We work closely with our clients, the designers, and our trade partners to deliver quality spaces. Our end purpose is to provide each one of our clients with an outstanding experience during the construction process.

Why work with Gardner Builders?

Our end purpose is to provide our clients with an outstanding experience during the construction process.  This means not just preventing a negative experience, but creating an enjoyable one.

Gardner Builders is setting new standards for an industry that’s been around since the beginning of time.  Our innovative approach includes:


Hospitality – it isn’t just about what we do; it’s about how we make you feel. We want our clients to feel respected, heard and understood, included in the process, informed, taken care of, highly satisfied, and really excited about their new space. Gardner Builders is more than just a construction company – it’s a company among great companies to do business with.


Transparency with clients – our clients’ needs and desires are foremost in our work. Every project is customized to maintain open communication with the client. We welcome our clients to actively participate in the building process: visit job sites, ask questions, voice concerns. We view listening and problem solving as critical job responsibilities. Our onsite field staff provide daily activity reports to the client, architect, and building manager with project updates and photos.


Positive partnerships with the design and trade partner communities – we don’t beat up our partners to deliver on promises made to the client. We know that embracing mutually-beneficial relationships with designers and trade partners results in credibility and trust with our stakeholders, longevity in the market, and most importantly, successful projects for our clients.


Flawless execution – high standards are the standard at Gardner Builders. In fact, if we don’t exceed client expectations, then we haven’t met our goal. Our goal is to exceed expectations every time. Our use of technology with field staff, development of building playbooks, and project schedules are designed to result in zero impact during the construction process and a zero punch list upon project completion.

Who is Gardner Builders?

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  • Commercial Ground-Up Construction

  • Commercial Ground-Up Construction

    When building from the ground up, it is important to us that we couple in-depth knowledge and accuracy with an ability to adapt quickly to the unique needs of the project. We are guided by the ability to be nimble, offering a concise and creative pathway to our collective vision.

  • Tenant Improvement

  • Tenant Improvement

    We understand that projects are more than technical metrics. People spend much of their lives in a work environment, and so it is our passion to create meaningful experiences both during the construction of their workspace and long after the project is complete. We measure ourselves not just by what we deliver, but how we make the entire team feel.

  • Healthcare

  • Healthcare

    We believe that successful construction management embodies empathy. At Gardner Builders, we are highly in tune with how our decisions and actions impact those around us. In short, we care. We understand that the primary objective in all healthcare settings is the well-being of those receiving care. Not only do we honor that standard, but we want to be a vital partner in caring for those in the vicinity of our site.


Where is Gardner Builders?

Gardner Builders began in a small office in downtown Minneapolis 2010 with a handful of people who shared the dream of changing the construction industry. What should it feel like to work with a construction company? We wanted to focus on that feeling. We wanted to pay attention to the way we made people feel every step of the construction process. We envisioned a company that cared about creating great experiences for our clients and partners — a company that provided thoughtful options and solutions resulting in bespoke projects reflecting care and vision.

Our commitment to creating great experiences has led to lasting relationships as well as new friendships, and naturally, opportunities to grow into other markets. We now have three offices — Minneapolis, Duluth, and Milwaukee and also offer a dedicated national contracting team. The people who create the Gardner experience in every location are all passionate about the communities they work in and represent. It is important to us that we do business this way; engaged and invested in our collective good.

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